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"I'm chuffed to bits, never mind "quite happy"!"  


- Sue Walker  Bywaterherring

"We've already had 47 leads and 3 booked valuations come through"  


- Josh Walshe, Walshes Property

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How it works

Super Targeted

We have infinite data at our fingertips in order to meticulously target your ideal seller and buyer. We harness this power and the data you're already sitting on that you didn't even know you could use.

Next Level Nurture

 Our software uses a combination of phone call, voicemail, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and email to drip feed your hot leads until they book in an appointment with you, 


Omni-WHAT? the next 12 months we'll build your brand and stay front of mind with your prospects so when they're ready to go on the market you're their only option.

Consulting Programme

Self-sufficiency is the end goal.  We'll intimately deconstruct you real estate business down to its bare bones, and rebuild it from the ground up into a deal producing machine.

Partner Programme

Transform your real estate business into a powerhouse. Fully hands-off, we generate and qualify the leads, you turn them into clients.

Shared Success Programme

If you already have a proven model, we'll work with what you have and take it to the nth degree, your wins are our wins.

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Free 15-Minute Discovery  Call

By the end of this call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your agency to start generating consistent valuations.

This Discovery Call Is Perfect For

  • Agents looking to understand how to generate more qualified seller and buyer leads online

  • Property Pro's who need more business

  • ​Agents looking to maximize the number of valuations they generate online

  • ​Estate agents who are struggling to come to terms with modern marketing platforms like Facebook & make it work for their business

Frequently asked questions

I have tried online ads before and they didn't work

You're not alone, most estate agents have little success trying it alone. We've run thousands of ads across the UK. Schedule in a call to learn about the Prop Media System.

How much does it cost?

Once we speak to you and providing we can help, we'll then know which programme is the right fit for you. Our programme's are invite only because we want to make sure it's a home run for every client we work with.

How are the leads exclusive to me?

Our campaigns are highly targeted to your local area right down to the postcode. We don't send you the leads we generate them for you as a partner, meaning they aren't going to other agents and are 100% yours.

How are the leads qualified?

We firstly identify our target: Sellers, Landlords, Buyers or Tenants. Next, we collect their information and require them to jump through a series of hoops before getting the chance to book an appointment with you.

The Prop Media system will then continutally qualify them until they're warm enough for you to speak to

Is this the right fit for me?

We have helped brand new estate agents all to way to to 30+ year established agents. We also help property related companies grow using the Prop Media system.

Schedule in a 15 minute call to determine if we can help you too.

What guarantee's can you give me?

We will generate you a minimum of 50 leads in your first month, otherwise, we'll work for free until you do, or give you a refund.

I already have marketing systems in place

Most estate agents we worth with do. The beauty of the Prop Media system is no matter where your leads are coming from, they are all brought together in one central platform.

We can also help improve what you're already doing to maximise your overall marketing strategy.

If you're so good, why don't we pay you per completion?

That's what our shared success programme is for! If you fit the criteria that exactly how we operate, with skin in the game.

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